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77'S THE: Drowning With Land In Sight

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"The greatest alternative rock band in the history of CCM released this on Myrrh Records in 1994. Mike Roe, David Leonhardt, Mark Harmon and Aaron Smith pay tribute to the Savior as well as their musical influences. It opens with a version of 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' that is so Led Zeppelin it's eerie. Not to be so easily pegged, 'Cold, Cold Night' brings to mind the Rolling Stones. While much of the album features the emotional alterna-pop, driving rock sound they are famous for ('Film At Eleven' and 'For Crying Out Loud'), there are also edgy, experimental songs like 'Snowblind,' 'Snake,' and 'Indian Winter.' In short, it is one of those rare albums that makes you want to play air guitar one moment and bawl your eyes out the next. Submit to the torture and love every minute of it!" - Rad Rockers
  • 1. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  • 2. Snowblind
  • 3. Snake
  • 4. Indian Winter
  • 5. Film At 11
  • 6. Mezzo
  • 7. Cold Cold Night
  • 8. Dave's Blues
  • 9. Sounds O' Autumn
  • 10. The Jig Is Up
  • 11. Alone Together
  • 12. For Crying Out Loud