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A HILL TO DIE UPON: Infinite Titanic Immortal

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A Hill To Die Upon is for most people a rather new finding. The band is young and work hard in their homecountry, USA, with their stunning live show. And let us rejoice: This is definelitely one of year's absolute highlights within the Christian extreme metal scene! These guys play death metal inspired black metal with Scandinavian roots. Maybe live bassist Ravn (Frosthardr) could take some credit for that, we don't know, but here is brutality, atmosphere and plain icecold metal! "If you feast on the sounds of bands like Behemoth, 1349, Dimmu Borgir, Keep of Kalessin, Crimson Moonlight, and Antestor, or just love your black metal extreme while retaining some semblance of melody, and you are looking for something fresh, look no further than the debut from A Hill to Die Upon." - NH Metal
  • 1. Of Fire And Division
  • 2. Prometheus Rebound
  • 3. This King Never Smiles
  • 4. Season Of The Starved Wolf
  • 5. Twin Heads Of Vengeance
  • 6. Heka Secundus
  • 7. The Dark Road
  • 8. We Soulless Men
  • 9. Titanic Essence
  • 10. Eclipse Of Serpents
  • 11. Rime

Bombworks Records


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