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ABSALON: Darkness Rising

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"Absolon is a new and powerful Symphonic/Goth Power Metal band hailing from Orlando, Florida. Combining old school European metal with today's contemporary Power Metal, they have carved out a unique niche in the metal genre. This band will appeal to fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Queensryche, as well as, Kamelot, Epica and Nightwish. If you like your metal epic, you have to check out Absolon."

Says the bands personal bio and we strongly agree! Fans are going to love this new release that features former Malachia vocalist Ken Pike.

Epic power metal debut from this brand new band Absolon! This debut album is also a Classic Rock saga telling us an Epic tale, The Tale of Derek Blackheart. In fact we are going to go on record here to say that not since Queensryche's 'Operation Mindcrime' has an album been this epic!" - Roxx Productions

  • 1. What Have I Done
  • 2. The Master Calls
  • 3. Nail Head
  • 4. Darkness Rising Interlude
  • 5. Darkness Rising
  • 6. Pretender
  • 7. Even Heroes Fall
  • 8. Devastation Suffocation
  • 9. The Escape Part 1
  • 10. The Escape Part 2
  • 11. Eulogy
  • 12. Breaking News
  • 13. Screaming In The Dark
  • 14. State Of Mind
  • 15. The Master Calls Reprise
  • 16. Deaths Frozen Sting

Roxx Productions