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Altera Enigma is the project of Jason De Ron, the former guitarist with the doom death band Paramaecium, and Jefray Arwadi, the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with the progressive black metal band Kekal. Stylistically, Altera Enigma falls within the bounds of progressive metal or rock. Their music is harmonically and rhythmically complex, utilizing modulating time signatures, with rich jazz-fusion inspired chord progressions and memorable, emotion driven melodies, and expressive, stunning lead work. While often straying into the bounds of fazz-fusion inspired rock, these two musicians, who have both been playing death metal for many years, have not forgotten to add the power and all consuming heaviness that great riffs can add to a song. The end result is a band that seamlessly combines interesting and sophisticated harmony with complex and heavy riff work with staggering ease and proficiency.
  • 1. Enigmatic Alteration
  • 2. The Infinite Horizon
  • 3. Pasivitas Sudut Pandang
  • 4. Fading
  • 5. NGC 3370
  • 6. Skyward
  • 7. Relating The Transformation
  • 8. Unlimited Reality
  • 9. Through Glass Darkly

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