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ARMAGEDDON: The Money Mask (re-release)

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This is a nice re-release on Retroactive Records of this classic heavy metal album originally released on R.E.X. Music in 1989.
Musically this is Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Barren Cross influenced heavy metal with a very cool vocalist.

The early demo recordings are also added here, making this a 2 disc release featuring the original artwork.

  • 1. The Money Mask
  • 2. Mercenaries Of Injustice
  • 3. More Than Conquerors
  • 4. Looking Out For You
  • 5. The Ship Of Changes
  • 6. (Liberation From) The Blazing Wasteland
  • 7. Nightlight
  • 8. Giving It To You
  • 9. The Judge
  • 10. We're Outa' Here

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