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ASCENDING KING: Funeral Of A Species

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Ascending King: Spirit-filled Doomed Black Metal from Midlothian, Texas. 

Ascending King formed under the vision of the brainchild, Ruah. Ruah began his musical career in 1999 as the vocalist for the band Dryline (Zero Sum Recordings). Until 2008, when the metalcore act disbanded. Ruah, then known only as Aaron Kirby, began growing in his faith as follower of Jesus Christ. 

By 2015, Ruah formed Ascending King. In 2016, he joined SkyBurnsBlack Records and released "Genesis of Desolation", the project's debut single. Ruah began recording his debut EP, but left SkyBurnsBlack, joining the roster of the up and coming Nosral Recordings. 

Ruah also would join Elgibbor on stage alongside Fire (guitars), Azahel (vocals), Sebat (guitars) and Taberah (drums) on stage at the band's debut live show at Audiofeed 2017 as the band's bassist and backing singer.

By 2017, Ascending King had joined Nosral Recordings as the label's first band. The project recorded the EP, Funeral of a Species, and released it August 22nd, marking Nosral's and Ruah's debut release. The EP is conceptual, pertaining to the last days on Earth, which will lead to the Great Battle. An interpretation of God's word. 

Funeral of a Species will be available everywhere on September 22nd. 

"This is the end of everything."

Nosral Recordings


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