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BELIEVER: Dimensions

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This was unfortunately the last album from Believer, originally released in 1993. Being on the leading front of both secular and Christian thrash metal the band left a huge fanbase that was screaming for more.
On Dimensions you can also hear the much talked about thrash-opera masterpiece "Triology Of Knowledge".

Now re-released in a cool digipak and limited to 2000 copies! Get it!
  • 1. Gone
  • 2. Future Mind
  • 3. Dimentia
  • 4. What Is But Cannot Not Be
  • 5. Singularity
  • 6. No Apology
  • 7. Triology Of Knowledge: Intro
  • 8. Movement 1: The Lie
  • 9. Movement 2: The Truth
  • 10. Movement 3: The Key

Metal Mind


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