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BESTIARY: The Murder Wheel

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Here is a rare melodic death metal release from the US, originally from 2003 but brought to the masses by Retroactive Records.
They have an angry, almost black metal feeling to it mixed with the heavy death metal riffs. But the band is more than brutal, this is a varied dish of metal with a lot of acoustic moments as well.

Check it out! There is hope for the US metal scene.
  • 1. Faceless Butcher
  • 2. A Kiss For Dying
  • 3. Of Cradles And Caskets
  • 4. Funeral For An Angel
  • 5. Hands Of The Futile
  • 6. Burn The Eyes Of The Beholder
  • 7. Bereavement
  • 8. Animate The Haunting
  • 9. Makeshift Existence
  • 10. Black Roses And Steal Wings
  • 11. Starving Like Bloodthirsty
  • 12. The Foundations Of Incineration

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