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BLOOD FROM ABOVE: Musical Warfare

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"If you want to hear the classic style of Metal, with a new inventive formula, then you'll want this album. It's definitely out of the box. Eleven tracks crammed with non-traditional chords, intense leads, and a never say die attitude. The cure for nostalgia without repeating history!" - Divine Metal Distro
  • 1. Galaxy In Distress
  • 2. Great Bursts Of Light
  • 3. Forth To Sow
  • 4. Portfolio To Eternity
  • 5. Antimachine
  • 6. Malpractitioners
  • 7. Health
  • 8. Power
  • 9. Between The Soothing Breeze..
  • 10. The Bliss To Come
  • 11. Warning In The Spirit

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