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BORGAZUR: 2P3 Alchemists Earth Of Aeon A.C.

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This is the first release on the US label and distro, Nokternal Hemisphere!
And here is their description of the release taken from the official website:
"Released in March of 2008 on Nokternal Hemizphear, these two war-scribes of Holland (Kildrith - throats, Illithir - instrumentation) do more than unveil the refined awakening of metal, they are here to unleash it upon your souls! Backed by Illithir's multi-complexities and furious outbursts on strings, thumpers, and percussions, Kildrith scorches the soul with his allegoric-infused throatiness, lashing you with tales of mankind's ancient escapades to bubonic delirium and spiritual decimation! Reaching where serpents don't dare enter! Capturing wisdom and knowledge in a bold innovation! A complexity risen from a mysterious spirit... this is true history without abuse! A wide open landscape of two minds... be stunned with raging innovations and aggressive refreshing tunes... this is Borgazûr!!! In a year (2008) that promises many outstanding releases, it is Borgazûr that will be forging the path and finding its way into the legacies of the industry's forthcoming and best acts! Make no mistake, you best not blink or turn a deafened and dumb ear to Borgazûr or you will be greatly lost in the dark! In fact, don't even go to sleep tonight or allow the dawn to rise one more time, lest you breathe from lungs that lack the complexity, wisdom, and hope that Borgazûr ushers into your screaming heart that yearns for arcane understanding!"
  • 1. Preface To Our Cogent
  • 2. Christian Anarchism
  • 3. The Repeat Of Underestimated Allures
  • 4. Prognostication Of Victorious Travail
  • 5. Graven Image Of The Beau Ideals
  • 6. Remove Your Highness
  • 7. Alchemy Of Alleviation When A Fib Is Prevaricated
  • 8. Christ On A Pyramid
  • 9. Nedergezet In Des Angstig Stof (Put Down In The Fearful Dust)

Nokternal Hemizphear