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BRIDE: Silence Is Madness (digipak re-release)

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2010 Reissue, The Originals series brings back all the original vinyl artwork, including lyrics and band photos. These things are simply pristine...classically beautiful in every sense. All three albums in the The Originals series feature the original track listing only. All three also feature a three-part liner note story showcasing Troy Thompson's memories of the era. The dynamics are perfect, the song to song transition work is fantastic, they're all modern volumes without losing vocal, punch or the magic we remember these records originally having.
  • 1. Fool Me Once
  • 2. Hot Down South
  • 3. Silence Is Madness
  • 4. Until The End We Rock
  • 5. Evil Dreams
  • 6. Under The Influence
  • 7. All Hollow's Eve
  • 8. No More Nightmare
  • 9. Rock Those Blues Away

Retroactive Records


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