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CRASH RICKSHAW: Crash Rickshaw

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This 2001 release on Tooth & Nail Records is the debut from an intense trio who ride a bronco that's equal parts punk, rock, and hardcore. Featuring two former members of Project 86, these anthemic songs protest modern idoloatry and the self-loathing that characterizes youth running from God and wallowing in decadence. Nothing warm and fuzzy here. Just signposts pointing away from serving self toward serving God.
  • 1. Co-Dependant Idolatry
  • 2. Angry Sunset
  • 3. El Gato
  • 4. Time Alone
  • 5. A.N.
  • 6. Imperfect Demanding Perfect
  • 7. Thank God I'm an Atheist
  • 8. Johnny Law
  • 9. Self-Defeating Mind
  • 10. When

Tooth & Nail