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DAVID BENSON: Purpose Of The Cross (re-release)

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Purpose of the Cross was originally released in 1996 independently in a pressing of only 1000 copies, of which these have been completely long gone for years and have been a really tough collectible to come by for the David Benson fan! Now you will have one more chance to pick up a Limited Edition version of this classic David Benson album is we will only be releasing 1000 copies of this which will soon make even this remastered and expanded edition tough to come by!

But wait that’s not all! This expanded version will be coming with three previously unreleased bonus tracks that have never before seen the light of day! In 2002 Mick Rowe of another famous Christian Metal band called TEMPEST would recruit David Benson to sing on what was to become a brand new Tempest album entitled ‘Crushing the Dark Cathedral’. Unfortunately after 3 tracks were written and completely recorded the album would never see the light off day and those three songs would be locked away never to be heard by the general public until now!

David Benson ‘Purpose of the Cross’ completely remastered and expanded featuring brand new cover art and liner notes from David Benson himself!
  • 1. Purpose Of The Cross
  • 2. Works
  • 3. Second Coming
  • 4. America Wake Up
  • 5. Shout
  • 6. Give In
  • 7. Holy Psychotherapy
  • 8. Revelation Man
  • 9. We Are One
  • 10. Faith
  • 11. Crushing The Dark Cathedral
  • 12. Dark Star
  • 13. Dear Aleister