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DELIVERANCE: As Above - So Below

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The Big "D" is back!
Deliverance is a band in the metal circus that should be well-known for the fans, as the band entered the scene with a big bang in 1989 with their debut selftitled classic thrash/speed metal album and stayed as an important factor for many years!
The band has broken up and returned more than once and their last album Assimilation was released in 2001 with a much more electronic and industrial sound.

Deliverance as of the year 2007 is a mix of the classic thrash metal mixed with industrial sounds and progressive beats making this one of the heaviest albums in their history.
  • 1. Legum Servi Sumus Ut Liberi..
  • 2. Cause & Effect
  • 3. Return To Form
  • 4. As Above - So Below
  • 5. Screaming
  • 6. Should We Cross Paths
  • 7. Contempt
  • 8. Thistles
  • 9. My Love
  • 10. Enlightened

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