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DEMON HUNTER: Songs Of Death And Resurrection BOX-SET!

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Songs of Death and Resurrection Deluxe Vinyl Box Set featuring:
Songs of Death and Resurrection on double colored vinyl
28-page large format booklet
24” album cover poster with art by Eliran Kantor
(5) art cards featuring illustrations by Eric Wolfe Sahlsten
All housed in a 12” box

Track List:
My Throat is an Open Grave (Resurrected)

Dead Flowers (Resurrected)
The Heart of a Graveyard (Resurrected)

Praise the Void (Resurrected)
Blood in the Tears (Resurrected)

Loneliness (Resurrected)
I Am a Stone (Resurrected)

I Will Fail You (Resurrected)

Deteriorate (Resurrected)
Carry Me Down (Resurrected)
The Tide Began to Rise (Resurrected)

My Heartstrings Come Undone (Resurrected)

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