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DROTTNAR: Spiritual Battle

Price 119,-
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Oh yeah, we are proud and happy to have this release back in stock! Both the band and us thought all copies of this classic were either sold out, thrown away or burried 6 feet under.
But those who dig, will find! After locating the leftover from the now defunct UK label Plankton Records, the band found out that there were a couple of hundred copies left and brought them all over to Norway!
Nordic Mission immediately bought half of these and are selling them for a fair CD price. Not like the overpriced Ebay copies , even though we could have done that as well... And these are guaranteed NOT the bootlegs copies that have floating around either!

If you are new to the scene, this CD contains the 2 very first recordings from Drottnar, including the Doom Of Antichrist demo from 1997 (under the name VITALITY) and the never before released 3 song tape "Drottnar" from 1998.

  • 1. White Realm
  • 2. Natten På Harmageddon
  • 3. Spiritual Battle
  • 4. Away From Destruction
  • 5. Doom Of Antichrist
  • 6. Missing Souls
  • 7. Frykt Ikke