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FIRETHRONE: Day Of Darkness... And Blackness

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"Grim, cold, war - laden, old school black metal! Originally released as a very small print back in 2005, this awesome re-release of Fire Throne's debut album "Day of Darkness and Blackness" will quench the black metal hungers of all who crave harsh, raw, apocalyptic - saturated war metal from beginning to end. This limited edition digipak, released under the NH label in 2008, contains the original 9 songs from the debut album and all 8 songs from the 2004 demo (4 of which have never been published)... 17 tracks in all! The digipak has all new artwork, with a sweet full landscape layout throughout the entire digipak, new band photos, and re - mastered tracks by Dharok of Sympathy." - Nokternal Hemizphear
  • 1. Nadchodzi Lew
  • 2. Upadl Wicki Babilon
  • 3. From Rot To Suffer
  • 4. The Rising Sun Will Be Darkened
  • 5. Immortal Emperor Triumphator
  • 6. The Day Of Coming Destruction And Darkness
  • 7. Holocaustfirestorm
  • 8. Going To War
  • 9. Sorrow In My Heart
  • 10. Psalm 88
  • 11. Zbawiciel
  • 12. Hail Jesus, Holy Unblack Metal
  • 13. Krew Chrvstusa
  • 14. Ojcze Nasz
  • 15. Nadchodzi Lew
  • 16. Duch Panski
  • 17. Upadl Wieki Babilon

Nokternal Hemizphear


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