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GRAND LUX: Iron Will

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The hardrock-band Grand Lux have for the last years been one of the most exciting live-bands coming up from Norway. The bands hard-driving metal-sound in combination with their impressive and voluminous pyro-effects have established Grand Lux as a worth-seeing band in demand.
The band's first album is released by the Norwegian label Sand Records, and will apeal heaviely to fans of Judas Priest, Kiss and Dio as well as Stryper, Leviticus and in general HARD ROCK!
  • 1. Heartless Place
  • 2. Frozen By Fear
  • 3. I'll Be Waiting
  • 4. Black Sky
  • 5. Save Me
  • 6. Out Of Control
  • 7. Burned Up In Flames
  • 8. Metal Mission
  • 9. By Wings
  • 10. The End Is Near

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