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LAST CHAPTER: The Living Waters

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Finally reissued! Now with the 4 demo tracks recorded prior to the full length originally released in 1997! Epic crushing doom metal with progressive touches and the golden doom throat of Robert Lowe (Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus). A pure classic slice of doom metal complete this is essential listening for anyone into high quality metal and the likes of early Trouble, Sabbath, Witchfinder General, Oversoul, Las Cruces, King Crimson, Pentagram, early Fates Warning etc...
  • 1. H Sequence
  • 2. Thorn Of Creation
  • 3. Coma Crowd
  • 4. The Belated
  • 5. The Living Waters
  • 6. In The Wake Of Delusions
  • 7. Dimensions
  • 8. A Warning Never Heard
  • 9. Things To Come




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