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LIVING SACRIFICE: The Infinite Order

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Oh my goodness and sweet brutality! It has been 8 years since last album, "Conceived In Fire", but the fans never gave up hoping for a reunion! Bruce, Lance, Rocky and Arthur locked themselves in the studio, and the result is just as expected: The highlight of the YEAR for every fan of brutal music and death metal! If you're buying one album this year, the new LIVING SACRIFICE is a winner!
  • 1. Overkill Exposure
  • 2. Rules Of Engagement
  • 3. Nietzche's Madness
  • 4. Unfit To Live
  • 5. The Training
  • 6. Organized Live
  • 7. The Reckoning
  • 8. Love Forgives
  • 9. They Were One
  • 10. God Is My Home
  • 11. Apostasy

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