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ME: Hamden By ME

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HAMDEN, ME's best and darkest album so far. This is the 'sleeve' edition of HAMDEN which comes in a embroidered leather sleeve. The CD including 12 new tracks recorded in an old American church and 5 films made by (a.o) Jaap van Heusden. The sleeve also includes a handstamped booklet with beautiful photo's by Albert Korf. ME = Minco Eggersman of The Spirit That Guides US and Sally Forth Records.
  • 1. It's Out Of My Hands
  • 2. The Blindman Leads The Deaf
  • 3. Chicago
  • 4. Rosia Montana
  • 5. Weightless
  • 6. Hamden
  • 7. Choke/Hope
  • 8. Speaking In Tongues
  • 9. Postcard From Rina
  • 10. Best Forgotten
  • 11. Surreal
  • 12. Rest In Pieces

Sally Forth