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METANOIA: In Darkness Or In Light 2CD

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Australian band METANOIA was started in 1990 by guitarist Steve Bennett with a simple vision of reaching those involved in heavy metal that would never step into a church building. That year the band started to play live and recorded a demo in their lounge room with Steve also on vocals. This was Motorhead if Lemmy was an Aussie! With Yowie replacing Steve on vocals, late 1994 saw Metanoia record and distribute their “Screaming Fetus” demo, which got them voted in the Top 20 Australian Unsigned Bands by Hot Metal Magazine. This demo also saw them take a change in musical direction to their trademark brutal death metal. In 1995 they recorded their even heavier down-tuned “Akeldama” demo with its rumbling bass and thundering guitars (and a didgeridoo!) Their appearance on the “Raise The Dead” compilation CD resulted in the band signing a 3 album contract with Rowe Productions (Steve Rowe/Mortification). Recorded in 1995, “In Darkness Or In Light” was the first of these albums and their first full-length. Metanoia created a lot of interest with this debut due to their unique approach to death metal – it was old-school but also had thrash and heavy metal influences showing through. With “In Darkness Or In Light” they created an album that was heavy-as-stink, fast-n-furious grinding death metal, yet still full of epic melody and groove. And to top it off, Yowie’s deep, DEEP guttural growl was inhuman!

Soundmass are happy to release this 2-CD collection of recordings from the first 5 years of Metanoia – 3 demos and 1 album, making a total of 29 songs! The booklets are actually genuine leftovers from the original pressing in 1995, but all the audio has been remastered for your listening pleasure. If you like your brand of extreme metal different and diverse, then Metanoia is your band!


In Darkness Or In Light

Accute Obliteration
In Darkness Or In Light
On And On
Dead Flesh
Dimensions Of Life
Son Of Man
Torn By Dogs
Death Of Death
Seventh Seal

Akeldama (1995)
Death Of The Innocent
Valley Of Dry Bones
Eternal Destruction

Screaming Fetus
Death Of Death
Dead Flesh
Torn By Dogs
Decomposition-Reconstitution (Valley Of Dry Bones)
Ripped In Two
Screaming Fetus

Demo (1990)
The Return To Destiny
Standin’ In The Light
Torn By Dogs
Kill Or Be Killed
Metal Mission



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