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NOVOY ZAVET: Apocalypse

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Cult Orthodox Christian power/thrash metal with doomy overtones from the ex-Soviet Union. This album was recorded in 1993 but never officially released on CD until now. For fans of Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, etc. Sung in English, albeit quite broken, but charming, creating an unique and magnetic atmosphere of mesmerizing sonic landscapes.

Remastered to a terrific outcome by Igor Samoylov. You wouldn't belive how fresh and vital this thing sounds! - Stormspell Records
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Legions Of Death
  • 3. Night Of The Last Pain
  • 4. The Number Of The Death
  • 5. Men Of Fire
  • 6. Werewolves
  • 7. Apocalypse
  • 8. Decline Of Zarathustra

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