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RECON: Behind Enemy Lines (Re-release)

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25th anniversary edition! Yeah, this is one of the huge Christian metal classics, and was released in 1990 on Intense Records. Members later joined Deliverance, and too bad for RECON fans, this was the only album recorded and released. 10 tracks plus remastered demo songs included. You can now check out the band WORLDVIEW for new music by mastermind George Ochoa.


1. In The Beginning

2. Lost Soldier

3. Ancient Of Days

4. Choose This Day

5. Dreams

6. Take Us Away

7. Holy Is The Lord

8. Alive!

9. Eternal Destiny

10. Behind Enemy Lines

11. Light The Fire (bonus from California Metal II)

12. Dreams (bonus from California Metal II)

13. Eternal Destiny (demo)

14. Alive (demo)

Roxx Records


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