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SOTAHUUTO: Ihmisen Jälki

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The Finnish masters of "war metal" are back with a follow up album to the 2005 debut and they have really grown alot! And we are not just talking about length of hair here... Musicanship is tighter, songs are stronger and the production is a TON better and more brutal than last time.
Packed in a nice black digipak, we can understand why this album made it to the hitlists in Finland! No compromise lyrics in Finnish only.
  • 1. Tiedä Mikä Olet
  • 2. Ihmisen Jälki
  • 3. Riita
  • 4. Vapautat Pedon
  • 5. Lopun Alku
  • 6. 5. Sekuntia Ennen Kuolemaa
  • 7. Raja
  • 8. Näky
  • 9. Omistettu
  • 10. Viimeinen Sana

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