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SYMPATHY: Abyssal Throne

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With the release of ABYSSAL THRONE, SYMPATHY once again unleashes a furious assault of convoluted melodies and rhythmic chaos. Along with the help of Tim Roth and Rob Doherty of  Into Eternity, Matt Knowles of Royal Anguish, and guitarist Dustin Olson, the aggression and brutality of Sympathy is sure to enthrall!

With 2 new extremely raw & technical tracks, brand new versions of  "Immolation of the Dragon" and "Occupy" (from the critically acclaimed debut album INVOCATION) and a SUFFOCATION cover, ABYSSAL THRONE is a worthy successor to last years killer release ARCANE PATH!

Released in a strictly Limted Edition of only 850x with a luxurious 8 Pages 5 Colour Booklet w / Gold Print, this is another must have Momentum Scandinavia release!

  • 1. Depths Of The Earth
  • 2. Insipid
  • 3. Immolation Of The Dragon
  • 4. Ascendency
  • 5. Occupy
  • 6. Torn Into Enthrallment

Momentum Scandinavia