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VARDØGER: Ghost Notes

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Time runs fast, and we need to look back at the year 2003 since the last recordings from Norway's VARDØGER. The EP Whitefrozen on Endtime Productions still stands as a classic within the vikingmetal scene with the cold expressions and beautiful melodies. Now the band is back with their first fullength, and ofcourse a very awaited comeback it is. The band is now more tight and progressive, and this is a musthave for for fans of technical death metal with viking elements. Do not miss out!

  • 1. Amongst The Damned
  • 2. Shine
  • 3. Call Your Name
  • 4. Crystal Sky
  • 5. My Demon
  • 6. CTF
  • 7. Revived
  • 8. Grateful
  • 9. Ghost Notes
  • 10. Starbreather

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