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ANTIDEMON: Anillo De Fuego (re-release)

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This is the second CD from Brasil's most brutal metal band!


1. Ring Of Fire (Anillo De Fuego)

2. Condemned Insane (Insanos Condenados)

3. Black Candles (Velas Negras)

4. Scum (Escoria)

5. Dogs From Hell (Perros Del infierno)

6. Murderous Animals (Bichos Asesinos)

7. Trip (Viaje)

8. Apodrelupe, Chile 2016 (soundboard audio)

9. Against Hell

10. Virus

11. Suicide

12. What Was Bad Is Now Worse

13. Holocaust

14. Condemned Insane

15. Don’t Delay

16. Demonicide

17. Massacre

18. Cursed Is Lucifer

19. Trip

20. Welcome To Death

Vision Of God


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