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JERNLOV: Crucified CD

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Here comes a musical journey and a collection of vocalists you have never experienced before in one album! Jernlov with it’s 2 members hails from the west-coast of Norway and the sound is typically influenced by the mighty nature and frosty winters of their homeland.

The music must be caracterized as extreme metal, but you can hear elements from classic rock and roll too. Elements from black and death metal combined with exciting melodies and features of clean vocal.

The lyrics have a strong message, and takes you on a journey through several challenges and trials you can experience in this lifetime. They are delivered by some of the most talented guys in the scene:

Ronny «Vrede» Hanielsen (Antestor, Vaakevandring), Eero Tertsunen (Renascent), Niclas Buss (Parakletos/Hilastherion), Siervo (The Slave Eye) and David Sandvik (Roots of Tragedy)

Track list:

  • Gud vår Far
  • Djevelrep
  • Slaves to Righteousness
  • Lyft ditt ansikte
  • En Frelser på min vei
  • Crucified
  • In Trials and Temptations
  • Døden min siste fiende
  • The Crown of Life
  • The Evil of Mankind


Heimklang Studio


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