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TOURNIQUET: Gazing At Medusa

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2018 is the year when a new Tourniquet album is being released! And we will rejoice! Here is another original technical thashy release, and this time with Tim Ripper Owens known from Iced Earth and Judas Priest on lead vocals! He is also joined by guitarist Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth), and together with longtime members Aaron Guerra and Ted Kirkpatrick they have released an excellent album! Old fans will definelitely love this one, but hopefully metalheads not known with this band will also digg in! Bon appetit!


1. Sinister Scherzo

2. Longing For Gondwanaland

3. Memento Mori

4. All Good Things Died Here

5. The Crushing Weight Of Eternity

6. The Peaceful Beauty Of Brutal Justice

7. Can't Make Me Hate You

8. One Foot In Forever

9. Gazing At Medusa

Pathogenic Records


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