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GROMS: Ascension LP (black vinyl)

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First time on LP, GREY VINYL limited to 100 copies!
Nordic Mission is VERY proud to present a re-release and re-master of GROMS one and only album "Ascension" to be released November 15th!

25 years ago, 4 young men from Kristiansand, Norway released their debut album "Ascension". The band was called GROMS (acronym for God Rules Over My Soul), and their music was pure and heavy death metal.

Quite a surprise to many people, since the development from their previous thrash assault was huge! During this period, the black metal movement was getting exponentially bigger, so a death metal band with Biblical lyrics was very special!

GROMS was one of the pioneering bands for Christian extreme metal in Norway, and the first band to release an album (1994).

Vinyl version is exclusively limited to 330 units, including 100 copies on colored grey vinyl and the rest on black. It contains a gatefold cover with all lyrics, and a huge 4 page booklet with pictures and linernotes written by Yngve Moum Jacobsen of, and both old and new thank-you lists.

"We wanted to treat the classic with respect, so both CD and Vinyl version will be collector's item for sure!" - Nordic Mission


1. Ascension
2. From Dust To Dust
3. True Wisdom
4. The Riddle
5. Truth Misunderstood
6. Noone
7. The End Of The Age
8. The Voice Of Righteousness
9. The Just Shall Live By Faith

Nordic Mission


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