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LP - doom metal/industrial

Image of FORSAKEN: Pentateuch (LP)

Doom masters FORSAKEN from Malta is finally back with a new epic album! You do not want to miss out …

Image of LEONOV: Wake (LP)

Whoever mentioned the difficult second album could not have taken in consideration …

Image of MY SILENT WAKE: Preservation

Acoustic album from British My Silent Wake that really shows their atmospheric side!…

Image of PARAMĘCIUM: Within The

***PRE-ORDER! To be released in NOVEMBER 2022. They might ship earlier.  *** Please …

Image of PYLON: Homo Homini Lupus (LP

This is release #4 in the "Roxx Records Underground Series", which means vinyl editions exclusively …

Image of THE SKULL: The Endless Road

2nd album from THE SKULL with former TROUBLE members! This is classic doom metal at it's best! …

Image of TROUBLE: One For The

The collectable 1994 EP for the first time on vinyl or as deluxe 2CD combining including the full …