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A HILL TO DIE UPON: Infinite Titanic Immortal LP

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A HILL TO DIE UPON - INFIINITE TITANIC IMMORTAL (*NEW-180 Gram Random Color Vinyl, Bombworks)

- 200 Unit Pressing
- Random color vinyl
- Black poly-lined sleeve
- Remastered for Vinyl
- First time ever on vinyl

Death metal blackened to perfection.  A Hill to Die Upon is everything a fan of grindcore, death metal, metal core and black metal can agree on. The songs are technical, heavy, epic and extremely dark... From the amazing album art to the battle-worthy music, this 2009 record impresses at every turn.  Expect more riffs and incredible hooks on this album than many bands put on 10 albums, period. And yes, believe it or not the drummer is a human, not a drum machine - he's just THAT amazing!  For fans of Behemoth and Crimson Moonlight. This comes to you straight from the cornfields of Illinois!  

Side A (24 minutes):
1. Of Fire and...
2. Prometheus...
3. This King...
4. Season of...
5. Twin Heads...
6. Heca Secundu

Side B (23 minutes):
7. The Dark...
8. We Soulless...
9. Titanic...
10. Eclipse of...
11. Rime

Bombworks Records