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ATTALUS: Into The Sea

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ATTALUS is for a new band on Facedown, and their debut mixes rock, screamo with hardcore elements. The most cathy release we have heard on Facedown! Fans of Oh Sleeper, Blindside etc must check out ATTALUS!

  • 1. The Ancient Mariner
  • 2. This Ship Is Going Down
  • 3. Sirens
  • 4. Desolate Isle
  • 5. Man, O Shipwreck
  • 6. Step Out
  • 7. Albatross
  • 8. The Breath Before The Plunge
  • 9. Into The Sea
  • 10. Coming Clean
  • 11. O The Depths
  • 12. Voices From The Shore
  • 13. Safe
  • 14. The Greater Tide
  • 15. Death Be Not Proud
  • 16. Message In A Bottle

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