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BIOGENESIS: The Mark Bleeds Through, First Blood

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Soundmass is pleased to be releasing BIOGENESIS "The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood". Originally formed in 1996 by front-man Chaz Bond (Jacobs Dream, Human Paradox), 13 years have passed since the release of their debut album "The Mark Bleeds Through" (2001, Rowe Productions). It has been little know, until now, that BioGenesis spent 3 months in the studio working on the recording of what was originally intended to be their debut album, which we are now releasing under the moniker of “The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood”. After turning in the recording it was rejected by their label for not being heavy enough. The band returned to the studio to record the entire album from scratch in just a few days, resulting in the heavier (but arguably subpar) official debut. Along with a totally new cover and layout, we have also included 5 earlier demo tracks, bringing the song total to 17 and giving you 80 minutes of listening pleasure! With a style that crosses genres, you can expect an album spanning from power metal to death metal, with a touch of progressiveness – a sound which is uniquely BioGenesis. Influences include Iced Earth, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, Deliverance, Disturbed and Nevermore.
  • 1. The Mark Bleeds Through
  • 2. Fat Man From China
  • 3. Inner Child
  • 4. Russian Roulette
  • 5. Digging Your Grave
  • 6. Mental Violence
  • 7. Crystal Ball
  • 8. You Are Not
  • 9. Anti Evolution
  • 10. I Am The One
  • 11. Scorning Of Wisdom
  • 12. Father Of The New Age
  • 13. Digging Your Grave (99 demo)
  • 14. The Mark Bleeds Through (99 demo)
  • 15. Mud Vein (98 demo)
  • 16. Broken Vows (98 demo)
  • 17. Do You Remember Me (98 demo)



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