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CONDUIT: Fear For Those Who Missed It

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With Conduit comes something vicious and peaceful, calming and aggressive, fusing with speed, bursting with melodies. This is a scream filled storm with melodic touches all charging as one voice, one song. This is four personalities crashed together as one working in harmony. This is more than just a band, taking the audience by the scruff of the collar; this is a chance to encounter your creator. This is CONDUIT The long awaited debut album by Coventry (UK) based hardcore band Conduit has been produced by guitar virtuoso and renown album producer JEFF SCHEETZ. Recorded in the UK and completed at Jeff’s Grey Wolf Studios in Kansas (USA), the album promises to be one of the hardcore releases in 2010 that should not be missed. - Whirlwind Records
  • 1. Seize The Day
  • 2. And Then There Were Four
  • 3. I Am The Moth
  • 4. Onwards And Upwards
  • 5. Snakes And Ladders
  • 6. Anchor
  • 7. Architect
  • 8. Look To The Skies
  • 9. Desperate Beloved
  • 10. Finding Charis
  • 11. Stumble, Fall, Flick The Switch

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