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Some things are worth waiting for, and Crimson Moonlight's debut fullength on Endtime Productions is one of those! It seems quiet from these guys, who actually released their previous EP "In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious" in 2007. Earlier we have two excellent albums on Rivel Records, now hard to track down. Crimson Moonlight can best be described as black metal full of heaviness and extreme tempo. But it is so much more, here are delicate riffs and progressive elements played by some of the genre's finest musicians. Pilgrim's voice breaks through the brutal music, and this man is also responsible for some of the greatest lyrics black metal can offer. They are both personal, deep and with theological insight. Here is something to study! Not only, one of 2016's highlight, but also the band's best album to date!

  • 1. The Dogma Of Chalcedon
  • 2. The Suffering
  • 3. Divine Darkness
  • 4. I Am Tribulation
  • 5. Voistinu Voskrese
  • 6. Kingdom Of The Wolf
  • 7. Dusk
  • 8. In Silence In Chains

Endtime Productions


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