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DALIT: Dalit (digipak version)

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DALIT is fresh new band emerging from the Norwegian metal scene, with their debut album being picked up by none other than Endtime Productions! (Antestor, Extol, Drottnar etc). Unlike most other Nordic bands, this is a pure doom metal experience in the veins of My Dying Bride, Opeth or old Anathema.

This gives DALIT supreme originality and will appeal to fans of extreme metal as well as more atmospheric and beautiful calm music. The fantastic limited edition digipak is only printed in 500 copies!

  • 1. Noir
  • 2. Nomad
  • 3. Silent Genocide
  • 4. Impression
  • 5. Tears Of Uriah
  • 6. The Upper Hand
  • 7. Dem

Endtime Productions