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DELIVERANCE: Weapons Of Our Warfare (re-release)

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Weapons of Our Warfare (The Originals: Remastered) takes all the magic from the original release and magnifies it! Featuring a complete 2017 Digital Remastering, J Powell at Steinhaus worked hard to make it sound substantially better than the original, while still keeping the character of it. The original artwork is expanded to a 12 panel booklet (many Weapons era photos and lyrics!) and packaged in a jewel case to make sure this reissue delights all Mighty “D” fans, as well as fans of Believer, Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Tourniquet, and Anthrax.

1 Supplication
2 This Present Darkness
3 Weapons Of Our Warfare
4 Solitude
5 Flesh And Blood
6 Bought By Blood
7 23
8 Slay The Wicked
9 Greetings Of Death
10 If We Faint Not

Bombworks Records


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