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GRAVE DECLARATION: When Dying Souls Scream Praise

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Grave Declaration from Norway, is composed by musically talented Thor Georg Buer, who joined forces a couple of years with Antestor. The previous debut EP was released on Momentum Scandinavia in 2008, while this is the first fullength masterpiece! Symphonic black metal with worship lyrics!

  • 1. Change of Heart
  • 2. Come, Let Us Speak
  • 3. Fall Down
  • 4. Ærefrykt
  • 5. Reach for the Sky
  • 6. Legacy
  • 7. Silence
  • 8. Instrumental #1
  • 9. Hardest Rocking God of All Time
  • 10. In the Throne Room
  • 11. Interlude
  • 12. Jeg Er Frelst, Å For En Nåde

Bombworks Records


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