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HARMONY: Chapter II - Aftermath

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Released 31st of October 2008!
Sweden's HARMONY are back with their 2nd fullength! After 2008's SummerEP on Ulterium Records the band started getting more and more attention and anticipation towards the new fullength.
With fantastic sound and perhaps a more progish influence, this release stands as one of this year's highlights. We are talking melodic heavy metal crafted by 5 young guys, 4 of which are also in the band DARKWATER.
  • 1. Prevail
  • 2. Aftermath
  • 3. Rain
  • 4. Don't Turn Away
  • 5. Kingdom
  • 6. Silently We Fade
  • 7. Inner Peace
  • 8. Weak
  • 9. I Run
  • 10. Hollow Faces
  • 11. End Of My Road

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