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INCRAVE: The Escape

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This album was first released under the band name EVERGRACE but due to another band with almost the same name, the band had to change itand ended up with INCRAVE. This is a remastered version and one bonus track called "The Masquerade" is added from the original "Evergrace-selftitled" release.

Music is great melodic power metal with influences from Tad Morose, Morgana Lefay and Dream Evil to name a few.
  • 1. The Escape
  • 2. Life Has Just Begun...
  • 3. Enough Is Enough
  • 4. Alive
  • 5. Plastic Ideals
  • 6. I Am You
  • 7. Ulterior World
  • 8. World Of Nothingness
  • 9. I Am Sorry For You - Part1
  • 10. I Am Sorry For You - Part2
  • 11. The Masquerade

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