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KEKAL: Acidity

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Kekal continue down their path of "avantgarde metal" that no man has walked before! You never know what to expect when you put a new Kekal album in your player, no matter what the reviewers say. And there is no exception with "Acidity". If you need something fresh and new, yet extremely catchy, check this one out! Definelitely their best one, and now also with a real drummer.
  • 1. Characteristicon
  • 2. Strength In My Weakness
  • 3. Thy Neighbor's Morality
  • 4. A Dream For A Moment
  • 5. Broken
  • 6. Envy And It's Manifesto
  • 7. The Way Of Thinking Beyond Comprehension
  • 8. Romantika Destruksi
  • 9. Blessing In Disguise
  • 10. Empty Space

Fear Dark