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KINGS KIDS THE: Set Sail And Seek...

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The Kings Kids' Second Full-length Album “Set Sail and Seek…”  Unvarnished.  Unapologetic.  Striking a Course into Uncharted Territory between Classic Seventies Style Three-chord Punk Rock and Eighties Old Skool Hardcore, The Kings Kids Boldly Deliver a Message of Faith and Truth while standing firmly on the Musical Shoulders of Rancid, Swingin' Utters, Ramones, Street Dogs and The Clash.  “Set Sail and Seek…” includes 14 songs of Passion, Energy and Redemption! Mastered by Cliffy Huntington at Steinhaus, with Album Cover Artwork by Legendary Skateboard Artist Jimbo Phillips.
  • 1. Rise Up
  • 2. So Much More
  • 3. 6 a.m.
  • 4. Trust
  • 5. Unfinished Road
  • 6. Tomorrow Today
  • 7. Clean Face in a Dirty Place
  • 8. Skies Await
  • 9. The Whole Picture
  • 10. Jim Braddock
  • 11. Heaven's Rejoice
  • 12. See Dad Shine
  • 13. Hoisted Anchors
  • 14. The Lighthouse

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