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LOVEWAR: Soak Your Brain LP/purple vinyl

Price 319,-
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  • Limited Run Vinyl.
  • 150 Purple Transparent (+ also 100 Black Vinyl)
  • First Time on Vinyl
  • Remastered CD also available. The CD comes with a Limited Edition Silver-Foil trading card.
  • Soak Your Brain ranked 47/100 in the Heaven's Metal Top 100 Christian Rock Albums of All Time
  • Produced by John and Dino Elefante
  • Originally released in 1993
  • 2-Sided Printed Inner Sleeves with Lyrics, and Photos

Lovewar is a three piece melodic hard rock band very much in the vein of Extreme, with hints of Mr. Big, King's X, Galactic Cowboys, and eventual label-mates, Guardian, thrown into the mix.  Tight vocal harmonies, big, guitar hooks, intricate bass rhythms, and strong song crafting are the key elements of this band, with catchy melodies sticking in your head for days and insightful lyrics requiring a degree of thought. 

Girder Records


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