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LUTEØKS: Barely True Norwegian Black Metal CD

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LUTEØKS is Barely True Norwegian Black Metal, a bizarre beast and a lovechild of Antestor and Grave Declaration. A melodic and well played riff bonanza, a jubilee and probably the funniest black metal album you will hear this year. Luteøks is the rare breed of humor and black metal. Absurdity combined with the majestic soundscapes of Windir, Old Mans Child, Keep of Kalessin and Emperor. "Barely True Norwegian Black Metal" is a declaration of love to the scene, that also manages to illuminate comic aspects of the black arts.


01. Drittfjell
02. Sekken
03. Langtbortistan
04. Svart
05. Vemod
06. Prikkedøden
07. Blå
08. Tvinnleik
09. Ljåen
10. Snerk
11. Skjegg
12. Valhalla Halls
13. We Sail
14. Shaved Vengance

Nordic Mission


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