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ME: Reservoirs (LP+CD THINBOX)

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"Description: (this large RESERVOIR-edition contains a 11-track compact disc recorded by jan borger of pinna and mastered by eelco of grimm audio. accompanied by 12 silver sheets including lyrics and beautiful black and white photography by albert korf. a custom made and unique piece of (cover) art (only 100 made for this edition - every piece is unique!) made by art van triest and robert jan of pankra will be one of the exclusive features to this edition. this comes with a stand plus certificate of authenticity (COA) and separate photo. all in a custom made and hand-numbered reservoir (can) that is over 11 inches (30 cm) large with full cover art.

Minco Eggersman takes his time and creates space for a melancholic 80’s record.

Minco Eggersman presents what will be his fifth solo-album RESERVOIRS under the guise of ME – where ‘solo’ is relative, considering the musical journey Eggersman has made over the last few years, and which has landed him in a filmic niche all of his own.

RESERVOIRS takes its point of departure in ME’s more filmic work, but also unabatedly hints at the late 80’s, and could well figure in a stray episode of Twin Peaks. The typical, synthetic sounds of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, the electric chorus (bass) guitars and the Hammond melt together with the many acoustic instruments in a beautiful reverb unique for the reservoir in which ME recorded this album." - Sally Forth Records
  • 1. Distant Reflections
  • 2. All The Time
  • 3. God's Country
  • 4. Reservoirs
  • 5. Ammunitia
  • 6. Silhouette
  • 7. Center At Beauty
  • 8. I'm Falling For You
  • 9. The Shimmering
  • 10. Somewhere In Time
  • 11. Southworld

Sally Forth