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PHILLIPS MICHAEL: Mirrors Within Mirrors

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Mirrors within Mirrors’ is an eccentric piece of work that if you had to define could be called an epic journey to the ear containing both progressive elements intertwined with acoustic pieces throwing in some slight touches of the defining metal and thrash that he has so clearly helped define. This release is a true masterpiece of music that truly tells a story, but not just any story this is his story and his life! This release is both an escape and a defining moment for Michael as he was able to truly break free of all the boundaries and labels often put on artists. Michael had complete and utter freedom putting this very special release together for all to hear. He even recruited a little help from his friends for this one including some very special guest appearances from Jim Chaffin (Crucified, Fasedown), Mark Solomon (Crucified, Stavesacre), Jimmy Brown (Deliverance, Jupiter VI), Devin Shaeffer (Fasedown, Once Dead) , Matt Davis (Oh Sleeper) , Bill Bachman (Neil Morse) and Scott Waters (Ultimatum, Once Dead) . This is a Roxx Productions / NePlusUltra Music / Open Grave Records joint venture.
  • 1. All I Ever Wanted
  • 2. Mirrors Within Mirrors Pt 1
  • 3. Mirrors Within Mirrors Pt 2
  • 4. Prelude #3
  • 5. Always Remember
  • 6. Anthem
  • 7. Omega
  • 8. Seasons Of Life
  • 9. One Day
  • 10. It's The Beat
  • 11. Who Am I?
  • 12. I Will Praise Him Still