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POZAR: Walka Za​​​ś​​​w

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SneeuwStorm Produkties proudly presents the latest EP from Pozar (USA/Poland); a one man project by Fire who has been the man behind many bands and projects.

Influenced by the likes of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mayhem and Burzum. Now available on CD.

As for all SneeuwStorm Produkties releases: the money from the digital sales and the profits from the physical sales are all for the artist. So by supporting SneeuwStorm Produkties you're supporting the artist!
1. Samotna Planeta 04:49
2. Pnematicus 1 04:57
3. Nieznany Czas 04:17
4. Pnematicus 2 05:04
5. Walka Zaświatów 04:34

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