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PROJECT 86: Picket Fence Cartel

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One thing about Project 86 is certain – the band has staying power. In fact one could argue that Project 86 has become the blueprint for bands seeking longevity in an industry that is anything but stable. Through perseverance and determination Project has been able to do what few bands ever can: Create their own signature sound while reinventing themselves along the way. Blazing a path of both ingenuity and artistic excellence, the band has spawned a loyal fan base that spans the globe. With four #1 rock singles on their last two albums the band is releasing their newest single “Dark Angel Dragnet” on May 26th to rock and CHR formats. After 13 years together, and over 350,000 career albums sold, the group is set to release their 7th full length album titled Picket Fence Cartel.
  • 1. Destroyer
  • 2. The Butcher
  • 3. The Spectacle Of Fearsome Acts
  • 4. Dark Angel Dragnet
  • 5. Cold And Calculated
  • 6. Picket Fence Cartel
  • 7. A John Hancock With The Safety Off
  • 8. Two Glass Eyes
  • 9. Cyclonus
  • 10. The Black Brigade
  • 11. To Sand We Return

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